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Counselling service launched in Oman as expat students stress out

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Muscat: With exam season on, helplines, psychologists and psychiatrists have seen a rise in students battling exam-related stress disorders.

“There have been more cases of students complaining of stress and pressure due to exams in recent years. In order to help pupils cope with this, the Indian School board inaugurated a counselling service yesterday. There are various initiatives by the schools to address issues, like stress and exam pressure. We conduct programmes, seminars, awareness programmes and we have a counselling service that is being inaugurated today,” Dr Baby Sam Samuel, one of the board members of Indian School Board, told Times TV in an exclusive interview.

He added, “The role of counsellors are becoming predominantly important now. The counsellors are going to play a major role in addressing different kinds of issues.”

Dr Sam, who is also the General Manager of InterTech LLC, spoke about the challenges faced by Indian schools in Oman with so many expat workers bringing their families here. He added that caring for the children of the expat community was the Indian School Board’s number 1 priority.

Counsellors advise parents to go easy on their children at exam time, and to give them room to learn, rather than constantly pushing them to achieve.

Source: TimesOfOman