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Muscat Municipality plans widening of roads, new flyovers to ease traffic in major commercial areas

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Muscat: The Muscat Municipality is contemplating widening roads in various commercial areas such as Qurm, Hamriya, Ruwi and Al Khuwayr.

In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, the civic body said, “We are conducting comprehensive studies of all roads and traffic intersections in Muscat as part of our future expansion plans. This includes widening the Muscat Expressway, Qurm area, Al Mouj Muscat intersection, Mazoon Street and Burj al Sahwa roundabout.”

To begin with, Muscat Municipality aims to ease traffic flow near the Qurm commercial area. “There are plans to upgrade the Qurm intersection for a smoother traffic flow particularly those moving towards Muscat Expressway. This will help ensure traffic coming from Muscat Expressway to directly connect to the Qurm Heights Road bypassing the intersection.

“Similarly, traffic from the Ruwi side will directly connect to the expressway through a flyover bypassing the Qurm intersection. A consultant is working on the project designs.” Extensive studies are also being conducted to ease traffic movement in Hamriya and Ruwi including Al Fursan Street.  It said that the ministries area in Al Khuwayr too faces traffic congestion during peak hours.

“There are several entries and exits to the ministries area. From the Muttrah side the first entrance is via Al Khuwayr interchange. The second one is directly from the Sultan Qaboos Street. In addition, there is an overhead bridge in Al Khuwayr to enter the district.

“We have carried out a study to widen this overhead bridge and link the ministries area directly to Muscat Expressway to ease traffic flow. In addition, the roads within the ministries area will be widened.”