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ROP urges parents to take care of children at festival venues

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With the Muscat Festival underway, the ROP has urged parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children when attending the fair and at crowded places.

Muscat Festival organisers explained that they have systems in place to reunite lost children with their parents as fast as possible.

“There is a strong ROP presence at Muscat Festival locations. Our officers escort lost children to a designated area in festival grounds, or guide parents to this area if they are looking for a lost child. The Muscat Municipality uses a public addressal (PA) system to get the message across,” said an ROP official.

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While data on the number of children who got lost at earlier festivals is unavailable, an official said, “We urge parents to keep their children close to them all the time. We regularly remind festival-goers this via our PA systems. We still anticipate a few cases. Parents, concerned festival goers and children are welcome to ask the municipality staff, who all carry badges, to guide them to the designated locations in these instances. Information will be gathered, and message will be broadcast.”

He added that, “Parents and guardians are required to show their identity cards/labour cards before taking possession of the lost child.”

Source: MuscatDaily