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Oman's Shura wants all fuel at fixed prices

M91 fuel should be fixed at 150 baisa per litre, according to a Majlis Al Shura special committee set up to address rising fuel costs.

The council also stated today that M95 fuel should cost no more than 160 baisa per litre and diesel 180 baisa.

These prices were announced during a regular session of the 2nd annual sitting of the 8th term held under the chair of Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of Shura.

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The new prices should remain in place until the government implements measures to help the poorer section of the community afford fuel, the shura members stated.

On Tuesday, Oman’s Council of Ministers ordered a price freeze on the country’s most popular fuel.

M91 fuel will be frozen at its current price – 186 baisas a litre – until the government can implement “mechanisms to support deserving citizens,” the Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday.

Source: TimesOfOman

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