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PACI promotes sale of handicrafts through carts at Muttrah Souq

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The Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) has launched a pilot project to sell works of local craftsmen through carts.

A senior official from PACI said, “These carts started selling goods from Monday. The handicrafts sold are made in Oman. PACI is not charging rent from those who are showcasing their wares. Some of the products showcased include frankincense, perfumes and clothes.”

Hamdan al Hadi, a seller, said, “My brother and I specialise in handicrafts made from sea shells. After collecting the shells, we design them at our workshop. We have already showcased our products in other GCC countries.”

Danda Ramadan al Belushi, a resident of Muttrah, is displaying clothes at her cart. “I make them at my workshop in Jibroo. I am happy that PACI has given us this opportunity to sell our goods at Muttrah Souq.”

When asked about the daily business, another stall owner said, “Though we have been provided prime location in the souq, business is yet to pick up. The stall is also too small for us to display many products.”

Hadi added, “Precious and attractive crafts are made at my workshop. Though Muttrah Souq is the right place to showcase them, I am not in a position to bring them as the space is limited.” Depending upon the success of this pilot project, PACI plans to extend it to souqs in other parts of the country. “The trial project will conclude on Friday. Depending upon buyers’ and sellers’ feedback, we will extended the project to other souqs,” the PACI official said.

Goods are sold at the carts from 9am to 1pm and 4 to 8pm.

Source: MuscatDaily